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Joint Landowners Coalition Of NY Inc. - Gas provides bridge to cleaner energy tech

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1:12 p.m. EST FEBRUARY 7, 2015
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The author makes claims that he does not back up. For example "those who want to reduce coal as a source of energy in favor of production by a method with at least 50 percent less greenhouse gases and over 90 percent less of other deadly pollutants." The author talks about these different "statistics" but does not provide any evidence or a source where this information came from.
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The only thing on their about us page is a one sentence mission statement.

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Bryant Tourette
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Joint Landowners Coalition of NY
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The author provides some information about fracking. The ad to content ratio is on the lower side.
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The author is the "co-chair of New York Environmentalists for Fracking." so there is a bias. The "about us" section is only a 1 sentence mission statement. None of the information is backed up with evidence or sources. There is no header.
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I chose this rank because I believe that this author is completely bias. The author also does not back up their claims with evidence which is another reason that I do not trust this website.


Why dont you think that the author backed up his claims with evidence?

Do you think that the author actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to fracking?

Why did the author write this article in the first place?

Do you agree with the author?

Why or Why not?

Do you think that this is a trustworthy website?

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Lack of evidence

the author actually knows what he is talking about, which is a bridge to natural gas in new york.

the site supports fracking which is why I trust this site.

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