Stop it. NH voter fraud claims are completely bogus.

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february 13,2017
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The Boston Globe is a 26-time Pulitzer Prize winning news source featuring premium national and local content daily. With the largest newsroom in the region, The Boston Globe provides more news, analysis and information about community events, sports and entertainment than any other local news source.

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Damian Nigel Scott

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The Boston Globe Newspaper Company LLC

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The site is not focus on click bait, they do not gain money for the number of views the article gets. The page also has h1 makers. The URL is a .com which can be either good or bad but in this case it seems good.

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The articles sources are not fully reliable, it uses quotes from twitter.

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While the article has trust worthy markers, the content of the post is opinionated and has unreliable sources like social media.




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I think that this site does seem pretty reliable. The links seem mostly relevant to the article because the article references what people say on twitter. There is also no click-bait or asking people to share this page. It's purely for news. It's length is also the correct length. Is using tweets a reliable source of information?


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I think in some causes using twitter is ok and others it is not. If you used it for quotes that would be fine but if you are getting facts you might want to try another source.


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