Why This Woman Who Cast An Illegal Vote For Donald Trump Is Getting A Pass For Voter Fraud

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Fri Apr 28 2017
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The Huffington Post Deserves more than a 2

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The Huffington Post is a established and well known news source, on par and in communication other news outlets such as the NYT, the Washington Post, and MSNBC. People like John Kerry (the former national Secretary of State), and Alec Baldwin publish op eds with them. The Huffington Post is a newspaper of the digital age. It doesn't have a physical publication, but it does have a physical office, an extensive list of paid staff (see their "about us" page) and it publishes hundreds of articles a day which are read by thousands of people. In addition to reporting original content, the Huffington Post aggregates articles from other news sources, such as the New York Times or the Washington Post, and reposts then so the content can reach a wider audience. They also publish blogs. If you want know more about how the Huffington Post works check of this article: "How the Huffington Post Works" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/10/huffington-post-bloggers_n_8214.... The Huffington Post is also significantly left leaning, so the information in the article tends to be presented in a manner favoring liberals. Despite this, the Huffpost is known for generally getting its facts right, regardless its significant bias. There is definitely some click bait at the bottom of the page, however click bait doesn't = fake news by any means. Considering how respected and established it is, the Huffington Post deserves more than a 2, but not quite a 5 because of the bias. I would rank it as a 4.


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